Historically, 10% of the 435 Members of Congress change each election. Fifty-five and ninety-three new members were elected in the last two elections compared to the average of forty-three. In a few elections, it will largely be a new Congress.


However, just electing new Members of Congress or state legislatures does not guarantee positive change regardless of party. We have seen an accelerating decline in civility and dysfunction over the last twenty-five years. Candidates are largely selected on political issue positions. The key question overlooked by voters is how well prepared a candidate is to make changes. It is one thing to talk about change and another to know how to work in a dysfunctional organization and make it better?


The founders of the BLP believe candidates can and should learn how to work amid conflict before getting elected. We believe that leadership skills to change the rules must be learned. It is not easy to change organizations and stand up to conventional practices and rules. Corporations invest billions of dollars to prepare people to be leaders, to think creatively and make changes for the better. The BLP is simply applying the same concept to people who will represent us. Preparing candidates with skills to be effective once they are elected simply makes sense and the time has come to start making this investment.


Our democracy needs change agents who are prepared to lead organizational change, better prepared to handle ever increasingly complex issues and will take George Washington’s advice to push back against destructive hyper-partisanship. The BLP leadership have the tools and experience to prepare the next generation to be better. Have hope and act by contributing funds and ideas to the BLP.

Thank You for Your Consideration

Whether you are fired up as a strong Republican, Democrat or Independent over what is going on in government, we hope that you share the belief representatives in both parties must do better at working together. We believe the next round of elected officials can be inspired to see the value and opportunity for them to be equipped with skills enabling them to work in harmony even when strongly disagreeing with the other party. We know fiercely partisans can adjust and become more collaborative when they personally experience collaboration in the trainings we will offer. We have seen the transformations take place with nearly 700 partisans in Michigan.


Please join us by contributing to the BLP that will help citizens willing to run for office if only they had a chance to learn how and gain the confidence to do it.

Suggested Gift: $10 to $10,000


The Bipartisan Leadership Project is an IRS approved 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization. Charitable contributions may be tax deductible under IRC Section 170 as a public charity. EIN:82-4479583.

Become a BLP Champion

You can help create a BLP training in your state by letting people know about the BLP, make introductions for us to your state universities about hosting a BLP program, share with friends, political stakeholders of influence, foundations and potential contributors.



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    Interested in joining a class and/or helping to create a training in your state?

    There are many terrific organizations working to get elected officials to be more bipartisanship. The BLP has a different and unique focus which is to train people before they get in office how to run and be equipped with skills to serve in a bipartisan spirit. The political parties and single interest groups sponsor political candidate schools to teach their people how to win an election. While these programs serve an important service they also exacerbate dysfunction by emphasizing how to win, but no preparation on how to serve. We believe winning is only the first goal.


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